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TimTam Tech Company and Products

Sometimes, it takes two very different people to run a company, that each have their own unique skills that they bring to the table. Take Firas Zahabi and Kelly Starrett, for example.

Mr. Zahabi is a fighter that has won all sorts of martial arts titles, and is respected worldwide for what he has done in multiple martial arts forms. After this, he transitioned into the MMA role, by playing a coach to up-and-comers. Kelly Starrett is a coach, as well, who has had Olympic-level clients. In this manner, they share a common vein.

Timtam big logo

However, Kelly also has written a New York Times bestseller, so he truly understands marketing, as well. In fact, he is one of the very first affiliates for Crossfit, a worldwide exercise phenomenon that has generated billions of dollars in revenue, and boasts thousands of locations!

It’s very clear that Starrett understands how to scale a business. It’s this particular mix of personality and talent that has given birth to The TimTam company, and with this duo; consumers knew that these were two respected figures in fitness that knew how to convey their message to the masses. Their products truly connect with their customer base, and they have already seen tremendous success. That certainly doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon.

Technology for Health

TimTam Power Massager

Often times, companies have a star product. The TimTam Power Massager has translated to consumers seamlessly, and is clearly the product that has made the company the most popular. It is patent-pending, which spells doom for the competition, who undoubtedly would love to copy the product in some form or fashion, but will not be able to.

One can use a TimTam Power Massager with a coach or trainer as a professional athlete, or simply by themselves to relax, and it is this broad range of applications that truly appeals to everyone from the tired father coming home from work to the athlete trying to get ready for a competition in their respective sort.

The bottom line is that the product does all sorts of things, from breaking down unwanted muscle knots to improving blood flow in general. The useful and durable product is the flagship product for a reason.

TimTam Pulse Massager

We all love our high-tech fitness products, whether it tracks our fitness activity or helps us record our extreme sports experience. The TimTam Pulse Massager actually uses Bluetooth technology and an IoS app, and can find its way conveniently all around the body, wherever needed. Not only that, it allows for ten different levels of intensity for maximum customization and personalization. The portability and accessibility of the product speaks for itself, and it is sure to fascinate fitness lovers for years to come.

Pros Cons
It is incredibly efficient. Specifically, it can provide thousands of strokes per minute, which is simply incredible compared to other products. The battery turns off after 30 minutes, which might not be enough for many people.
The consumer certainly doesn’t have to worry too much about damage – it is extremely durable.
The product is strong but flexible, as the massager head can actually turn 90 degrees! This is great for those who wish to adjust to the product to reach a certain part of their body.
It comes with some accessories! Many people can see value in the fact that it doesn’t just come with one product, but has some great tools coupled with it.

Pulse Massager


A company cannot survive just based off a couple of products, even if they are incredible. In fact, there are many people that rightly point out that these companies tend to lag behind, after the excitement regarding the first products wane, and the company has not strategized and adapted to the market. That’s why TimTam offers all sorts of products, from rollers, gels, and tips, to other accessories, because they know that physical therapy is something that means many different things to different people, and the goal is to reach as many people as possible, no matter what age or gender.

Whether it’s a gel, apparel, massager, or accessory – TimTam has you covered with their complete selection of products.


The Massage

The massage is truly essential, and many people don’t realize that it really is integral when it comes to taking care of the body. Of course, TimTam designs products for people who realize – no matter where they are in life – that they want their body to feel as good as possible, as often as possible. Their customers understand that stretching and massaging muscles is essential to maintaining peak physical conditions, and TimTam understands this much more so than other companies out there.

Mobile Training Package

Human beings travel more than ever, and that often means that we don’t get to go through our exact fitness routine everywhere that we want. That’s why TimTam works hard to make sure that they have packages that cater to the mobile lifestyle, whether you are constantly moving for personal or professional reasons. This is also perfect for trainers or athletes who are constantly traveling for clients or competitions. This is a great way to address your needs, whether they are professional or not.

Mobile Training Package

  • 1 TimTam Power Massager V1.5;
  • 2 batteries;
  • 1 battery charger;
  • 1 metal warmup tip;
  • 1 metal trigger point tip;
  • 2 plastic hot tip;
  • 2 plastic cold tip;
  • 1 standard round tip;
  • 1 Recovery Blade tip;
  • 1 120mL bottle of the TimTam Cooling Gel;
  • 1 120mL bottle of the TimTam Warming Gel;
  • 1 120mL bottle of the TimTam Gliding Gel;
  • 1 6-pack athletic tape bundle;
  • 1 TimTam Trainer Backpack.

Vibrating Foam Roller

Foam rollers can truly be a key product that can bring comfort to the user, whether they are an athlete or not. There are four main speeds that should be enough to adjust between, and again, TimTam ensures that it is extremely portable, while still covering a significant portion of your body, so that you can roll out your muscles comfortably. Whether it’s for physical therapy reasons, stress reasons, or simply to relax – the foam roller can travel with you in the car, plane, or stay in the home to meet whatever needs that you have.

Vibrating foam Roller

The Polish Pro

The Polish Pro is designed for coaches and PTs (physical therapists) specifically, but, true to the message of the company, TimTam brings the masses that quality that used to be limited to a select few. Here are some of the clear advantages of the product:

  • The design allows for both hands, which means maximum control over the product in terms of using it.
  • The battery is powerful, as are the vibrations, so the product is extremely effective.
  • The pads allow gels to be implemented as well, which add a new dimension to using the product.
  • The product doesn’t require a power cord, and is extremely portable, for added convenience.

Timtam Fitness Products

Military Discount

TimTam truly wants to help all people “feel” and “be” better, which means that they encourage an active lifestyle, and provide the products to help them continue to do so, no matter where they are, what age they are, or what gender. Technology is often blamed for being antithetical to exercise, but we see that there are companies like TimTam that work to incorporate technology into leading more active lives.

The company can help all sorts of people, not just those that are out of shape. These products can help those with accidents and injuries that have altered their quality of life, not just athletes that are competing. In addition, there are people there that truly need comfort.

One group of people that certainly could use some comfort are those in the military, and veterans. We often take for granted the fact that people do risk their lives for our freedom. That’s why TimTam makes it a point to thanks their customers for their service, and for fighting for all!

Specifically, they offer a steep 40% discount for military personnel. Whether you are military personnel, or are thinking or friends or family – this can prove to be a great buy, whether it’s a gift or simply a utilitarian purchase.

Military Personnel


TimTam understands that if they maintain a certain quality that is necessary for athletes or coaches; that these people will continue to recommend its products, and consumers in general will respect the standard of excellence. That’s why the durability and portability of the products, combined with the profiles and accomplishments of the founders, help to translate so well to the masses.

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Working Coupons for TimTam

TimTam is so popular that often times it website even can’t handle the traffic! The consumer base is so happy with the quality and convenience of the products that they often sell out as soon as they are stocked. Of course, this is a great sign that the company knows exactly what its customers need, and are meeting the demand.

The truth is that the company is legitimate, as are its founders, and it is not a “fad” or “trend” that will be forgotten soon. It is a company that truly has a portfolio of stellar products that can be used conveniently, and sold at a fair price. Regardless, there are always discounts and codes out there for the smart consumer. You might want to spend some time seeking those out to save even more money!

If you search in the right places, for the right keywords, you might certainly find some interesting discounts that can brighten your day, and make you feel even better about purchasing from such a great company.